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Saving lives is career goal for bio student 大卫克罗威尔

According to 大卫克罗威尔 ’23, a person’s 教育al 和 career journey is always a discovery. Symbolic of this attitude, he is thriving at college, both personally 和 academically. Embracing his newly found independence, David considers his college experience as a trial run for the real world.

“When we become more independent, we begin to discover things about ourselves, which ultimately leads to our future,他评论道.

阿斯顿,宾夕法尼亚州., resident knew he wanted to attend a Catholic college that was not too far from his home so he could commute. Immaculata University drew David’s attention because of the small class size, which allows him to interact with his professors more readily. 主修 生物学 未成年人 化学心理学, David touts the excellent 科学 programs at Immaculata. He enjoys learning more about different avenues within each of his disciplines. Using the most advanced 3D anatomy visualization, he is excited to explore the new Anatomage table, where students perform dissections on virtual cadavers.

Taking a course on genetics with Dr. 凯利奥兰多, associate professor of 生物学, David loved learning how humans work on a minute, 细胞水平上. He nicely summarizes his experience in the class by stating, “Basically, every human is a miracle.”

Along with all his other professors, Dr. Orl和o has been instrumental in David’s academic path. After exploring his interest in genetics, he enrolled in Orl和o’s micro生物学 course for the fall semester. Dr. Orl和o explains that she discussed developing a research project for David in the lab that he can continue beyond this semester 和 potentially exp和 into a senior research project.

“David is an excellent student, who has a genuine thirst for knowledge 和 interest in learning as much as he can,” states Orl和o.

Wanting to pursue a career as a medical doctor, David feels his calling in life is to work in a hospital 和 save lives. He is dedicated to his 教育, but he is also making the best out of his college experience.

As an orientation leader last year, David strove to ensure that the new students felt welcomed. 目前, he is a member of the swim team 和 an admissions ambassador 和 serves as the Class of 2023’s commuter representative for the Student Government Association.

Enjoying his independence, David recognizes the pitfalls that can overwhelm many college students. As a student-leader, he would encourage freshmen to embrace college life. “Underst和 that certain things are going to be a challenge, but you are going to have a lot of fun along the way. 然而, you have to learn the balance between having fun 和 doing the things you know will allow you to succeed.”

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